Wednesday, 7 March 2012

How to Rediscover Your Motivation

it’s happened to all of us at some time or another: we walk into work one morning and every task suddenly seems harder and more ominous. Every project starts taking us longer to complete. We get bogged down by small details. We’re unmotivated.
Some people would call this a work slump. Others may say that you’re experiencing a period of burnout, malaise, or simple unproductively. Whatever the exact term, there’s no question that this is a normal experience that affects all workers from time to time. One day you’ll be motivated and the next morning you won’t. Then, a few days or weeks later, you’ll snap out of your slump and regain that motivation.
While such a spell often needs to run its own course, there are certainly steps you can take to make it shorter, less debilitating, and easier to handle. On that note, here are a few tips to keep in mind:
-Change the routine. Even a small change in your routine can help you get out of your slump and back into a mode of productivity. Changing the routine could mean working different hours, working from home, or tackling a new project. It could also even mean a renovation in your work space. By moving your desk to the other side of your office or bringing in painting contractors to color your walls, you could realize a change in your “routine” without having to actually do anything differently.
-Incentivize yourself. It’s been well-established that employees are usually more motivated when given proper incentives. Your company may have an incentive system, but for people in a slump it is sometimes necessary to impose a new and more personalized one on top of that. Give yourself productivity benchmarks that you need to hit on a mid-term basis (ie weekly or monthly). Then reward yourself with a meal, a trip, or a gift.
-Give yourself a break. Sometimes the best solution for an unproductive period is also the simplest one: a break. Nobody can stay perpetually motivated and productive, meaning that all of us need a break at some point in order to rest and recharge. If you can afford to take a week-long vacation away from work, even a weekend excursion or a few days off could provide the respite that you need.
-Exercise. When workers fall into slumps, their lack of motivation often turns into anxiety when they find themselves repeatedly falling behind on work. You can help reduce that anxiety – and also, hopefully, snap yourself out of that slump – by making a concerted effort to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Whether done in the morning, during your lunch break, or in the evening, a regular workout regimen might leave you refreshed, more spirited, and more capable of tackling your job.
These are just a few tips for shaking out a period of lethargy and getting yourself back into a mode of productivity at work. While it is understandable for any employee to fall into a slump from time to time, it is important to address that slump head-on and take steps to help bring it to an end.
This is a Guest Post written by Sam Peters, who frequently writes about career and job related topics.

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